As you know, closing your establishment, even a short period of time, can cost you dearly.  Apart from the lack of business continuity and  income for the days you are away, your closure can also have knock on effects for the enquiries prior to your absence. Someone may wish to make a reservation with you, but one of those days may drop into your closure period. As a result you could lose the entire booking.  Not to mention all the ‘walk in’ business you may miss.

Having someone to provide continuity for you, and your business does have a value to it – but surely it will be one which will be repaid many times over.

Below you will find our basic guide prices for management relief.

Basic Guide Prices 2023

From £135 per day

Once we have received your requirements, we will be able to give you a definitive fee, because as you know, every business is different.

The rate will depend on the size of the establishment and duties to perform.