Existing Under stairs space – it’s a bit blurred I know
Wall up, door in Cupboard painted and FULL!
Wall up, door in Cupboard painted and Carpet back down

This customer needed some extra under stairs storage in the hallway.

Following discussions, and agreement with the customer, I created a covered in space under the staircase. Constructed a wooden stud frame, attached suitable plasterboard, fill and make good plaster joints. Created a door opening with an odd size due to the stair slope.

Made a door and frame to suit the opening, fitted catch, lock and hinges.

Added door surround, skirting board and finishing timber. Painted walls and woodwork. Re-cut carpet and fit gripper rods.

It now it’s full of stuff – as it was always going to be, but at least the hallway is tidy:)

Skills: Joinery, Plastering, Decorating, Door Hanging and a tiny bit of carpet fitting

Cost: Less than £290 inc materials and Labour

Duration: 2 Days