Dirty, Mouldy Cracked Grout around Drain
Flexible Grout showing adhesion and degree of flex available
Finished project. Nice new white flexible grout lines

This customer had a wet room with a shower area that allowed the grout to crack, become discoloured and fall away, The result being mould and an unsightly bathroom.

The shower tray had been tanked, but laid on a wooden floor which allowed movement. Other than take the whole floor out, tanking up, lower wall tiles off and glass screen away, add concrete floor and replace / renew everything, I suggested flexible sealant to replace the grout.

I removed all the grout and cut joints to a consistent width and replaced with specialist flexible silicone based grout. The image of the edges of 2 tiles stuck together shows just how flexible, and secure the product is.

The grout lines look brand new, and the whole bathroom now looks like a show home again:)

Skills: Grout Removal, meticulous cleaning, research and imagination!

Cost: Less than £190 inc materials and Labour

Duration: 2 Days